Want to Exhibit?


 2:00 PM  |  Festival Opens

 2:15 PM  |  Workshops Open! 

Build your own: Wand 

Build your own: Dragon Egg

 3:00 PM - 7:30 PM  |  Panels

"Creating Geeky Content" a live podcast presented by POP DNA with special guests Fictional Hangover, and Dyer Oxley with NW NERD​

These pros will discuss the creative processes and logistics of creating content like podcasts, blogs, etc.

"Voice Actor Script Red & Q&A" with Ellen McLain, John Lowrie, and  Tamara Ryan

These voice actors will be given a script to read in the voice of one of their characters!

"Cosplay Creation" presented by Jade Cheung

Get tips on cosplay from those with real-life experience. Stop into this question-and-answer session to find out what the cosplay life is really like!

"Comics for the Visually Impaired" presented by Kore 6 Media
Kore 6 Media will be discussing their comics as well as the creation of their specialized reader.

"The Comedy Show" a live podcast presented by Silas Lindenstein Comedy (16+ Recommended)

 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Storytime with Wotan the Fairysmasher!

As an antagonist it is his goal to let children be the heroes of their own fairy tales story and go home bragging that they defeated the giant. Wotan hates all things beautiful and magical, he is allergic to fairy dust and blown kisses send him running away!

6:45 PM  |  Walk the Cosplay Red Carpet

Have your picture taken on the red carpet! Enter your costume in the contest for a chance to win awesome prizes!

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM  |  Live Music with SWAY

 9:45 PM  |  Winners of the Cosplay Contest & Raffle announced!

10:00 PM  |  Festival Ends

Image by Annie Spratt



Image by Annie Spratt


Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg

Ellen McLain

Actress / Singer

GLaDOS in the Portal games

John Lowrie

Actor / Author

Sniper in Team Fortress 2

Tamara Ryan

Voice Actor

Professor Bellis, Android 18 in Dragon Ball Super (SEA dub)



Silas Lindenstein

Podcaster / Comedian

The Feathered Hart

Cosplay Judge

Billy the Brick

Cosplay Judge

Jade Cheung

Cosplay Panelist